Tues, July 20

2017—Secretary of State Tillerson states the obvious to other Administration officials: Trump is “a moron.”

2002—The FBI arrests three former NASA interns for stealing a 600 lb. safe holding moon rocks.

1984—Famed runner and fitness fanatic Jim Fixx, 52, dies of a heart attack while jogging.

1973—Martial artist and fitness fanatic Bruce Lee, 32, drops dead.

1971—William F. Buckley’s National Review publishes what it claims are secret documents about the Vietnam War. They’re fake, and he knows it.

1969—Neil Armstrong goes for a walk—on the moon.

1956—A scheduled election intended to reunify Vietnam is blocked by the South, with Ike’s concurrence.

1948—Harry Truman kicks off the U.S.’s first peacetime draft.

1944—German generals try but fail to kill Hitler with a bomb.

1929—The Mt. Washington Railway’s “Old Peppersass” busts an axle. Somehow only one man dies.

1923—Pancho Villa’s return to politics is thwarted by assassination.

1919—A white mobs beats Blacks in front of the White House.

1877—In Maryland, striking B & O Railroad workers threaten to blow up bridges and run trains into rivers.

1874—General George Armstrong Custer leads an expedition of 110 wagons and 1,000 men into the Black Hills, violating an 1868 treaty.

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