Wed, July 21

2007—George W.[MD] Bush invokes the 25th Amendment, making Dick “Dick” Cheney President while Bush gets his colon inspected.

2000—Long-time Texas voter Dick “Dick” Cheney registers in Wyoming to skirt a Constitutional proviso.

2000—The FBI and ATF are exonerated for killing 80 religious fanatics during a 1993 siege in Waco, Texas.

1954—As the Geneva Accords free Vietnam from French colonial rule, the U.S. steps in to preserve disorder.

1951—A Canadian Pacific DC-4 leaves Vancouver for Anchorage with 37 on board and disappears.

1950—Bungling drunkard John C. Woods, the U.S. Army’s hangman, electrocutes himself while attempting to repair some electrical equipment.

1919—The dirigible Wingfoot Air Express, on fire, crashes through the glass skylight of a Chicago bank, killing 13.

1919—With the cops on the sidelines, Blacks in D.C. arm themselves and fight back against white aggression.

1918—At Orleans, Mass., U-156 conducts Germany’s sole attack of the war on the U.S. mainland. Four barges sink, the tug Perth Amboy is damaged, and a few shells hit the beach.

1884—Buffalo Telegraph: Gov. Grover Cleveland [D-N.Y], the Presidential nominee, has a bastard child.

1877—Pittsburgh militiamen bayonet and shoot railroad strikers; 20 die. Surviving strikers burn 39 buildings and wreck 104 locomotives.

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