Mon, Aug 2

2003—George W.[MD] Bush says, “There are some who feel that the conditions are such that they can attack us [in Iraq]. My answer is, bring ’em on.”

1982—Vietnam veteran “Lawn Chair Larry” Walters, 33, ascends to 16,000 feet in a lawn chair buoyed by 45 helium-filled weather balloons.

1980—The Supreme Court rules that OSHA must consider corporate profits when protecting employees’ health.

1976—The Supreme Court rules it’s neither cruel nor unusual for the government to kill certain people.

1967—On their worst day in Vietnam, U.S. Marines suffer 84 KIA, 190 WIA, and nine MIA in Operation Buffalo near Con Thien.

1964—L.B.J. signs the Civil Rights Act, telling Bill Moyers, “I think we just delivered the South to the Republican Party for a long time to come.”

1917—After a carload of white males conducts a drive-by shooting in Black East St. Louis, Ill., the worst U.S. race riot of the 20th century begins.

1894—Ex-railroad director & U.S. Attorney General Richard Olney enjoins Pullman workers from striking.

1881—“Stalwart” Republican Charles Guiteau shoots Pres. James Garfield, a “Half-Breed” Republican, in the back.

1822—Charged with plotting insurrection,Denmark Vesey, formerly enslaved co-founder of Charleston, S.C.’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, is hanged after a secret trial.

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