Tues, Aug 3

1994—The Mayor of Boulder, Colo. declares this “Allen Ginsberg Day.”

1993—In just leather jacket, dog collar, and jockstrap, punk rocker G.G. Allin is laid to rest at St. Rose Cemetery in his hometown, Littleton, N.H.

1988—The U.S.S. Vincennes, in Iranian waters, shoots down an Iranian airliner ascending within a commercial air corridor; 290 civilians die.

1979—President Carter OKs covert aid to the mujahideen, despite Z. Brzezinski’s warning it will spur a Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

1978—The Supreme Court rules that seven words are too dirty to broadcast—using those words in its ruling.

1971—R. Nixon tells B. Haldeman, “Jews are all through the government…you can’t trust the bastards.”

1894—Pres. Cleveland sends Federal troops to Chicago to break up the Pullman Strike.

1883—Happy B’day F. Kafka.

1863—Portsmouth-born Benjamin F. Falls captures a flag at Gettysburg. He subsequently receives the Medal of Honor in recognition of his valor.

1850—Australian newspaper publisher James Harrison shows off a refrigeration plant, dooming New Hampshire’s ice-export industry.

1847—To celebrate the Fourth of July, Portsmouth hooligans in Market Square set a stagecoach on fire.

1835—In Paterson, N.J., 2,000 mill girls strike for a shorter work week. Two months later they win.

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