Fri, Oct 29

2004—Osama bin Laden explains: 9/11 was retaliation for the U.S. backing Israel’s 1982 invasion of Lebanon.

1984—New York City policemen kill African American Eleanor Bumpurs, 66, with two rounds from a 12 gauge. She was behind in her rent.

1981—A British Parliamentarian asks Maggie Thatcher whether European governments were “free to veto [a] push on the final button by that incoherent cretin President Reagan?”

1979—On Wall Street, 1,000 people are arrested for disrupting business on the 50th Anniversary of the Crash.

1969—Chicago 8 defendant Bobby Seale is gagged and bound to a chair.

1969—ARPANET goes live—two computers communicate for the first time—10,166 days later, SKYNET becomes self-aware.

1969—The last train rolls through Peterborough, N.H.: a runaway freight going 60 mph. It stops when it hits the School District office on Main St.

1958—A radioactive cloud drifts over Los Angeles after the explosion of an A-bomb in Nevada.

1940—First U.S. peacetime draft.

1929—“Black Tuesday”—16 million shares sell on Wall Street, at ever declining prices; $26 billion evaporates.

1827—Congressional Representative Henry W. Conway [D–Ark.] is mortally wounded in a duel with Acting Governor Robert Crittenden, co-founder of the Rose Law Firm, future employer of Hillary Rodham.

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