Tues, April 19

2004—A government spokesman reveals that NORAD had run a training exercise based on a hijacked airliner crashing into a building.

1995—A Right Wing “militiaman” murders 168 souls in Oklahoma City.

1993—For the good of the children—who end up among the 80 dead anyway—the FBI attacks David Koresh’s Waco, Texas compound.

1989—The U.S.S. Iowa’s Gun Turret Two explodes, killing 47. The Navy tries blaming an innocent sailor, then, disregarding ancient powder, malfunctioning equipment, and unauthorized experiments, says it’s stumped.

1971—President Nixon, recipient of a $200K pledge from ITT—which is being prosecuted for anti-trust violations—tells Deputy A.G. Kleindienst “The ITT thing—stay the hell out of it. Is that clear? That’s an order.”

1971—Officials at Arlington National Cemetery turn away Gold Star Mothers and Vietnam veterans.

1951—“Dugout Doug” MacArthur tells Congress, “Old soldiers never die.” That job’s for the young ones.

1948—Costa Rica disbands its army.

1939—After some study, Connecticut OKs the Bill of Rights.

1775—Minutemen and British soldiers battle in Lexington and Concord. A published report appears two days later in the New Hampshire Gazette. It carries the headline—a rare typographical phenomenon at the time—“BLOODY NEWS.”

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