Wed, April 20

2017—The remains of South African hunter Scott Van Zyl are recovered from a crocodile in Zimbabwe.

2010—Deepwater Horizon explodes and burns; 11 die and the world’s largest oil spill ensues. Wrists are slapped.

2008—The New York Times reveals that many “independent military analysts” appearing on TV are really Pentagon puppets.

2001—The Peruvian Air Force, with some help from CIA “contract workers,” fires on a plane they think is full of dope. Nope; it’s full of proseletyzing American Baptists, two of whom die.

1979—Canoeing near Plains, Ga., President Jimmy Carter fights off a deranged swamp rabbit.

1973—The Supreme Court says N.H. residents are free to cover up “Live Free or Die” on their license plates.

1971—Mistaking the National Mall for their lawn, Supreme Court Justices tell Vietnam Veterans Against the War to get off it.

1971—In the White House, Md. builder Lester Matz hands $10,000 cash to Vice President and freelance media critic Spiro “Ted” Agnew.

1970—General Westmoreland tells the DAR, “Our own revolution has ended the need for revolution forever.”

1914—Colorado National Guardsmen, paid by John D. Rockefeller, machine gun striking miners in Ludlow, Colo. Then they burn the miners’ tent camp; at least 19 die, including 11 children burned to death.

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