Thurs, Jan 12

2021—In light of the recent failed insurrection, all eight members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff warn active duty personnel not to do anything treasony.

1991—Congress authorizes the first Bush vs. Hussein War.

1984—Reagan Deputy Secretary of Defense W. Paul Thayer resigns after being charged with insider trading. He ends up in the can.

1971—Rev. Philip Berrigan is indicted for conspiring to kidnap Henry Kissinger and bomb federal buildings.

1968—Lima Site 85, a tiny USAF navigational facility on a remote mountaintop in Laos, is rocketed, bombed, and strafed by two NVA-piloted, Soviet-built Antonov biplanes. One, damaged by groundfire, crashes. A flight mechanic in a CIA Huey shoots down the other with an AK-47.

1962—U.S. helicopters fly their first combat mission in South Vietnam.

1951—For bombing an airliner, Albert Guay goes to the gallows in Canada, saying, “At least I die famous.”

1943—Federal bureaucrats announce that hot dogs will henceforth contain less meat and more soybeans, and be called “victory sausages.”

1932—Ms. Hattie Wyatt Caraway (D-Ark.) becomes the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate.

1931—Raymond Gunn, 27, accused of killing Maryville, Mo. schoolteacher Velma Colter, is chained to the roof of her schoolhouse, which is then set ablaze.

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