Wed, Jan 11

2008—“There will be a signed peace treaty [between Israel and the Palestinians] by the time I leave office,” says George W.[MD] Bush.

2003—“You can count on this,” Donald Rumsfeld tells Saudi Prince Bandar, showing plans for the Iraq War. “This is going to happen.”

2002—To take full advantage of recent memos declaring torture OK, the Department of Defense opens a secret detention center at Guantanamo Bay.

2000—“Rarely is the question asked,” says George W.[MD] Bush, “is our children learning?”

1986—The CIA polygraphs Ollie North’s co-conspirator Manucher Ghorbanifar. Two answers out of 15 are true: name and birthplace.

1974—Joint Chiefs Chair Admiral Moorer is reported to have spied on the executive branch to get secret info on U.S. diplomatic initiatives.

1943—Carlo Tresca, influential editor of an anarchist newspaper, is shot dead on 5th Ave. Carmine Galante likely did it for Generoso Pope. Pope wanted it done as a favor for his pal, Mussolini. Pope’s son Generoso Jr., 20, founds the National Enquirer ten years later.

1917—Fire consumes 39 buildings comprising a munitions plant in Lyndhurst, N.J. Switchboard operator Tessie McNamara’s warnings help 1,400 workers escape.

1912—In Lawrence, Mass., 32,000 women and children strike for bread—and roses, too.

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