Mon, Mar 20

2017—FBI Boss Jim Comey tells Congress the Trump campaign and Russia may have colluded.

2012—One of the two loaded .45 pistols Rep. Kyle Tasker [R-Northwood] legally carries in shoulder holsters drops to the floor of a packed hearing room in the N.H. State Capital.

2003—U.S. troops invade Iraq to protect The Homeland from Saddam’s innumerable WMDs.

1992—UN weapons inspector Rolf Ekeus says Iraq has agreed to destroy its weapons of mass destruction.

1976—Press Baron William R. Hearst’s granddaughter Patricia is convicted of bank robbery.

1954—“If the [Vietnamese] Communists continue to suffer the losses they have been taking,” says French Chief of Staff Gen. Paul Ely, “I don’t know how they can stay in the battle.”

1933—“Get to hell out of here, you son of a bitch,” would-be FDR assassin Giuseppe Zangara tells the chaplain before he’s zapped for killing Chicago’s mayor.All capitalists lousy bunch of crooks. Goodbye to all poor peoples everywhere! Push the button!”

1905—An old boiler explodes, shooting through the roof of the Grover Shoe Factory in Brockton, Mass. The building collapses, trapping hundreds of workers—then the naptha barrels catch fire; 58 die and 150 are injured.

1899—Gender pioneer Martha Place becomes the first woman to die in New York’s electric chair.

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