Tues, Mar 21

2006—Twitter takes flight.

2003—Richard Clarke, top counter-intel cop since Bush#41, says Bush#43 ignored al-Qaeda until 9/11.

1995—Mississippi OKs the 13th amendment, outlawing slavery—except it goes unregistered, so, no dice.

1981—In Mobile, Ala., two Ku Kluxers conduct the last recorded lynching. RIP: Michael Donald, 19.

1973—“There is a cancer on the Presidency,” White House Counsel John Dean says, speaking to the cancer.

1963—“Gents, this is an educational project,” says condemned murderer Frederick Wood in New York. “You are about to witness the damaging effect electricity has on Wood.”

1960—South African police kill 89 unarmed black protesters in the Sharpeville Massacre.

1952—DJ Alan Freed throws the Moondog Coronation Ball in Cleveland—the first rock concert.

1947—“Red Scared” by the GOP, Truman orders “loyalty screening.”

1937—Cops in Ponce, P.R. follow orders from the Governor and machine gun protestors; 21 KIA, 235 WIA.

1925—Tennessee bans the teaching of evolution in public schools.

1915—At a White House screening, Woodrow Wilson is enraptured by the racist masterpiece Birth of a Nation.

1877—N.Y. State Grange members, in economic self-defense, form the Northern Farmers Alliance. Its successes are limited, mostly by its racism.

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