Wed, Sept 13

2010—After calling for civility in the Primary, ex-Gov. John H. Sununu tells the N.Y. Times, “I came in [as N.H. GOP Chair] to clean the vermin [Democrats] out, then I’ll leave.”

2005—Two weeks after the catastrophe, George W.[MD] Bush admits the Federal response to Hurricane Katrina was less than ideal.

2001—Reverend Jerry Falwell says “The ACLU’s got to take a lot of blame for [9/11].” Reverend Pat Robertson replies, “I totally concur.”

1981—William Loeb, alleged newspaperman, goes to his eternal torment.

1971—Staties blast Attica with 2,200 rounds in nine minutes; the dead include 29 prisoners and ten guards.

1971—In the Oval Office, Dick Nixon says to Bob Haldeman, about Attica, “You know what stops them? Kill a few.” Haldeman replies, “Sure.”

1948—In sneakers and a Speedo, Rollie Free sets a Bonneville record: 150 mph on a Vincent Black Shadow.

1945—U-3008, now USS U-3008, motors into Portsmouth harbor.

1940—A Luftwaffe plane drops six bombs on Buckingham Palace.

1913—Mary, an elephant who had killed her cruel, untrained trainer the day before, is hanged from a railroad crane in Erwin, Tenn.

1848—Lebanon, N.H. native Phineas Gage, working for a Vermont railroad, loses a good chunk of his brain when an iron bar is blasted through it, but lives 12 more pretty good years.

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