Tues, Sept 12

2008—Hank Paulson, ex-Goldman Sachs, tells Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers “No Fed $ for you.”

2001—George W.[MD] Bush tells Richard Clarke, his top counter-terror guy, “go back over everything, everything [to] see if Saddam did this.” Told it was al Qaeda, he says, “I know, I know but…see if Saddam was involved. … I want to know any shred.”

1996—Roger Stone is 86’d from Bob “Bob Dole” Dole’s “Clinton accountability team” when his ads for group sex partners become public.

1994—Frank E. Corder, 38, dies at 1:49 a.m., crash-landing a stolen Cessna on the White House grounds after a day-long beer and crack spree.

1983—Puerto Rican nationalists Los Macheteros rob a Wells Fargo depot in West Hartford, Conn. of $7 million. They throw some cash from the roof to display their disdain for capitalism.

1970—The New York Times Magazine publishes Milton Friedman’s article, “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits.” Capitalists read it as a license to pillage.

1940—The Hercules plant in New Jersey is leveled by 150 tons of gunpowder—set off, perhaps, by Nazis.

1860—U.S.-born William Walker, deposed dictator of Nicaragua, is executed by a Honduran firing squad.

1857—SS Central America sinks in a hurricane off the Carolinas, with 420 souls and 10 tons of gold. The lost gold contributes to the Panic of 1857.

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