Wed, Sept 27

2018—Brett Kavanaugh whines, weeps, and shouts while badgering the Senate Judiciary Committee.

2002—Donald Rumsfeld says a made-up link between al-Qaeda and Iraq is “accurate and not debatable.”

2000—Frank Wills, the guard who discovered the Watergate burglary, dies at 52, of a brain tumor, in poverty.

1994—On the Capitol steps, 350 GOP candidates led by Newt Gingrich take out a Contract on America.

1989—To show kids there are more constructive things to do than take drugs, Jeffrey Petkovitch and Peter DeBernardi climb into a barrel and go over Niagara’s Horseshoe Falls.

1986—The United Way of Cleveland holds a fundraiser, releasing 1,429,643 helium balloons. Rain and a cold front bring them down, where they clog the harbor, halt a Coast Guard search, close an airport, and spook horses.

1964—Ex-CIA boss A. Dulles & the Warren Commission report that L.H. Oswald, acting alone, killed JFK.

1944—A group of 35 U.S. B-24s, isolated over Germany by a navigational error, are jumped by 100 enemy fighters; only four survive.

1864—William T. “Bloody Bill” Anderson and his 80 guerillas, including Jesse James, massacre 150 Union soldiers in Centralia, Mo.

1854—Holed in a collision off Newfoundland, the SS Arctic sinks. The crew commandeer the lifeboats, leaving 300 passengers to drown.

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