Sat. May 30

2019—The state Senate overrides Gov. Sununu’s veto: New Hampshire’s out of the killing business—except for that one black guy on death row.

2007—Dale Rippy, a 62 year-old Florida resident, is attacked by a rabid 25-pound bobcat. Rippy, a ’Nam vet, strangles the cat with his bare hands.

1962—Missionary Archie E. Mitchell, sole survivor of a Bly, Ore. picnic devastated by a Japanese fire balloon, is captured, along with two others, by the Viet Cong. He’s never seen again.

1937—Police attack strikers at Republic Steel in Chicago: 10 are shot dead, 55 hospitalized, 30 wounded.

1927—In Queens, N.Y., Fred Trump, father of The Donald, is arrested for “refusing to disperse” from a KKK parade that devolved into a riot.

1922—The Lincoln Memorial is dedicated. The ceremony is segregated.

1854—President Franklin Pierce [D-N.H.] signs the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which he also co-wrote. It leads directly to “Bleeding Kansas.”

1806—Andy Jackson, dueling, takes a bullet near his heart, aims carefully, and shoots Charles Dickinson dead.

1783—America’s 1st daily, The Pennsylvania Evening Post, begins.

1741—N.Y.C. burns 13 black men at the stake and hangs 21 men and women, black and white, for planning a revolt against slavery.

1381—John Bampton tries to collect unpaid poll taxes in Essex, England. The Peasants’ Revolt ensues.

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