Fri, July 10

2007—China executes its Director of the State Food and Drug Administration for taking bribes that resulted in 40 deaths.

2001—A Phoenix FBI agent sends a memo to FBI HQ warning of “an inordinate number” of suspicious characters in local flight schools, possibly as part of a bin Laden plot. It’s ignored.

2001—CIA boss George Tenet tries to warn George Bush and Condi Rice about Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda, but can’t get their attention.

1985—French secret police in the South Pacific blow up Greenpeace’s boat, Rainbow Warrior.

1972—Water being used to fight an arson fire destroys the U.S.S. Forrestal’s computers and nearly capsizes her.

1949—Pamir, a four-masted barque laden with barley, becomes the last sailing vessel to ’round Cape Horn with commercial cargo.

1929—The Portsmouth Herald reports that the Coast Guard has seized 129 cases of booze in Rye Harbor.

1926—Lightning hits a powder warehouse in Picatinny, N.J. Three days of explosions destroy 187 buildings, kill 19, and injure 38.

1805—RIP Revolutionary War soldier Col. William Butler, court martialed for refusing to cut off his ponytail. “Bore a hole through the bottom of my coffin,” his will said, “[so] the damned rascal [his ex-CO] will see that, even when dead, I refuse to obey his orders.”

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  1. Jerrell,

    “On 10 July 1972, while moored at Pier 12, Norfolk, Forrestal was once again the scene of a catastrophic fire. This fire, which was set by a crewmember, was in an O-3 level computer room (just under the flight deck). A hole was cut in the flight deck to reach the fire from above and hundreds of gallons of water were pumped into the space. This ruined all of the computer equipment and the ship took on an exaggerated list, prompting concern that she might capsize. The ship returned to the yards at Portsmouth and three months later was at last able to relieve USS John F. Kennedy, which had to serve an extended Mediterranean deployment while the Forrestal was being repaired. Electrician’s Mate Robert Horan, who was aboard at the time, recalls in a memoir ‘[The fire did] over seven million dollars in damage. We went back to Portsmouth for repairs and I believe we got most of the CIC and electronics equipment that was supposed to go on board the USS Nimitz, then under construction.’”

    We suppose it could be argued that we’ve overstated the case by a hair. Because the space we allot to these items is so small [see the .pdf at, brevity is highly valued. The DAV uses 78 characters to get the point across; we used 15.

    The Alleged Editor was Army, not Navy, but we know fires aboard ship are no joke. Our hat’s off to you.

    The Editor

  2. 1972- USS Forrestal nearly capsizes.
    I fought that fire onboard. Can you tell me the source of your information. Thank you.

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