Wed, July 29

1994—Being a good, pro-life Christian, Rev. Paul Jennings Hill uses a shotgun to kill Dr. John Britton and his bodyguard James Barrett, wounding Barrett’s wife June in the process.

1986—Ex-Chaplain Charlie Liteky renounces the Medal of Honor he was awarded for bravery in Vietnam over U.S. policies in Latin America.

1981—Congress passes Ronald Reagan’s tax cut for the rich.

1974—The House Judiciary Committee again impeaches Richard M. Nixon, this time for abuse of power and violating his oath of office.

1970—Thanks to a five-year grape boycott, the United Farm Workers win their first contract.

1967—Bum equipment and bad procedures let a stray electrical charge ignite a Zuni rocket on an F-4 jet on the flight deck of the U.S.S. Forrestal. The rocket slams into John McCain’s A-4, releasing the first of eight half-ton bombs, killing 134 sailors and nearly sinking the ship.

1966—Bob Dylan crashes his Triumph, breaking his neck.

1965—The 101st Airborne lands in South Vietnam.

1921—Disgruntled former corporal Adolf Hitler becomes President of the German Nazi Party.

1910—Responding to a bogus claim about a pending race war against whites, hundreds of armed white Texans begin a race war in the predominantly Black town of Slocum.

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