Sun, Sept 13

2005—Two weeks after the catastrophe, George W.[MD] Bush admits the Federal response to Hurricane Katrina was less than ideal.

2001—Reverend Jerry Falwell says “The ACLU’s got to take a lot of blame for [9/11].” Reverend Pat Robertson replies, “I totally concur.”

1981—William Loeb, alleged newspaperman, goes to his eternal torment at the age of 75.

1971—In the Oval Office, discussing the Attica uprising, Richard Nixon tells Bob Haldeman, “You know what stops them? Kill a few.” Haldeman replies, “Sure.”

1971—To restore order at New York’s Attica state prison, five hundred state troopers fire 2,200 rounds in nine minutes. The dead include 29 prisoners and ten guards.

1948—Rollie Free sets a speed record for bikes at Bonneville going 150 mph on a Vincent Black Shadow wearing just sneakers and a Speedo.

1945—U-3008, now U.S.S. U-3008, motors into Portsmouth harbor.

1940—A Luftwaffe plane drops six bombs on Buckingham Palace.

1913—Mary, an elephant who had killed her cruel, untrained trainer the day before, is hanged from a railroad crane in Erwin, Tenn.

1848—Lebanon, N.H. native Phineas Gage, working for a Vermont railroad, loses a good chunk of his brain when an iron bar is blasted through it, but lives 12 more pretty good years.

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