Sat, Sept 19

2014—Iraq vet Omar J. Gonzalez jumps the fence and runs into the East Room of the White House.

2001—George W.[MD] Bush tells CIA chief George Tenet to look for links between S. Hussein and al-Qaeda and recommends Dick “Dick” Cheney as a source.

2001—The U.S. goes to war against Afghanistan—what could go wrong?

1991—Alpine tourists discover 5,300 year-old Ötzi the Iceman.

1980—After eight hours of fire, a missile silo in Arkansas explodes, hurling a nuclear weapon 600 feet. Somehow only one person is killed.

1964—The first gay rights demonstration is held at the Whitehall Army Induction Center in New York City.

1961—Betty and Barney Hill of Portsmouth, N.H. find their trip back home from a vacation takes two hours longer than expected.

1957—After 25 atmospheric blasts in 111 days, the U.S. goes underground.

1952—Nixon’s Veep, McCarthy’s a Senator, but Chaplin can’t enter the U.S.—his moral character is dubious.

1945—William “Lord Haw-Haw” Joyce, U.S.-born fascist of Irish descent, is sentenced to death in England for broadcasting German propaganda.

1944—William of Orange, a pigeon set loose by Brits surrounded at Arnheim, arrives in Blighty, saving 2,000.

1692—After two days being crushed under huge rocks, suspected warlock Giles Corey, 80, dies in Salem.

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