I Was Wrong!

To the Editor:

In July of 2018 I wrote a letter to the Editor which stated, “What is almost 100 percent certain…is that Trump’s businesses are kept afloat by laundering money for the Russian mafia, oligarchs and other crooks. This has been going on for years.” I added, “The Russians are able to control Trump…by threatening to cut off the source of funds that keep him afloat….”

Trump’s tax returns, released against his will, four years after his promise, show that he personally owes the banks $400 million, due in the next few years. No bank would loan this kind of money to Trump (six bankruptcies) unless there were another guarantor to pay back the loan. In this case, Putin’s Russia.

I was wrong because not only did Trump rely on Russian money laundering funds to keep his failing businesses solvent, he depended on them for outright paying back of his loans, keeping him in the lifestyle to which he is accustomed, allowing him to parade as the great businessman. No wonder he does anything Putin wants!

Vote Biden before Putin totally wrecks the U.S.A. through his tool.

Michael Frandzel

Portsmouth, N.H.


We can’t vouch for the accuracy of your assertions, but we agree that Trump’s finances smell like a month-old sturgeon hidden in a storage locker.

The Editor

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