Sat, Oct 10

2019—CNN: “Two men connected to Giuliani’s Ukraine efforts charged with funneling foreign money into [Donald Trump’s] U.S. election.”

2015—News reports say two 1976 assassinations in Washington, D.C. were ordered by CIA-installed Chilean dictator A. Pinochet, and covered up by the CIA and President Reagan.

2012—Donald Trump baselessly accuses Barack Obama of “laundering money into his campaign from illegal online foreign donations.”

2002—The U.S. House of Representatives votes to give Presidents permission to use the world’s most powerful military machine to do as they please.

1991—Seven of New Hampshire’s largest banks, holding 25% of all deposits and 60% of all commercial loans, are closed by regulators.

1990—Coached by Hill & Knowlton, the Kuwaiti Ambassador’s daughter lies to Congress about incubators.

1973—Vice President Spiro “Ted” Agnew resigns in disgrace, pleading nolo to charges he dodged taxes on bribes and kickbacks.

1969—Richard Nixon, puts his “madman theory” into practice, ordering a gratuitous global nuclear alert.

1963—Robert Kennedy caves to J. Edgar Hoover’s demands and OKs wiretaps on MLK’s phone.

1933—A Boeing 247 airliner is destroyed by a bomb over Indiana. Seven passengers and three crew die in the first such act in history.

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