From a Doctor, No Less

To the Editor:

Joe Biden has been running political ads featuring anonymous “doctors” claiming “Joe Biden has a plan” to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Really? I have yet to hear any details of this wonderful “plan” that will rid our country of this contagious virus.

I have seen Joe Biden holding up a common blue surgical mask stating “wear the mask.” Sorry Joe, but the generic blue paper mask is well documented to be unprotective against viruses.

A recent study even showed a group of patients with Covid-19 had overwhelmingly been wearing masks Only the N-95 mask protects against viruses and it is not being worn by the general public.

According to the CDC, 60 million people were infected, 74,300 were hospitalized and 12,400 died from the H1N1 (Swine Flu) epidemic during the Obama/Biden administration. The administration struggled to contain the virus and to get a vaccine made. Ron Klain, Biden’s Chief of Staff at the time, said it was “luck” the H1N1 outbreak did not become “one of the great mass casualty events in American history.”

President Trump has taken many strong actions to combat Covid-19 and a vaccine is expected to be available within months.

Where is Joe Biden’s great “plan” to combat Covid-19?

Dr. John Meinhold

Portsmouth, N.H.




Between the two, Trump and Biden, you’d take Trump? Because of Covid-19?

OK, duly noted.

The Editor

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