Sun, Nov 8

2016—Donald J. Trump wins the Presidency. Everybody else is a loser.

2013—The Navy suspends the security clearance of Vice Admiral Ted “Twig” Branch, Director of Naval Intelligence. Though he’s now unable to do the job, the Navy leaves him in it.

2010—George W.[MD] Bush reveals on TV that his mother once showed him a jar containing the fetus of a miscarried sibling and asked him to drive her to the hospital.

2000—At 2:16 a.m., Fox News “reporter” John Ellis calls Fla. in favor of his cousin, George W.[MD] Bush.

1994—The GOP, led by serial philanderer Newt Gingrich, take Congress.

1983—Moscow puts its nukes on high alert and flash-telegrams its embassies that a nuclear strike on the USSR may come at any time.

1965—Dorothy Kilgallen’s investigation into JFK’s assassination ends due to an allegedly accidental overdose.

1932—Socialist Norman Thomas gets 884,885 votes for President.

1923—Disgruntled corporal A. Hitler, with help from disgruntled general E. von Ludendorff, stages the “Beer Hall Putsch” in Munich.

1897—Birth of Dorothy Day, anarchist founder of Catholic Worker.

1876—The editor of The New York Times and the chairman of the Republican National Committee conspire to bribe election officials in Florida, South Carolina, and Louisiana to “elect” “Rutherfraud” B. Hayes.

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