Wed, Nov 11

2000—Republicans go to court to stop manual recounts in Florida.

1956—The last pockets of resistance are suppressed in Hungary.

1940—The Royal Navy destroys half the Italian Navy, at anchor in Taranto, with Fairey Swordfish biplanes.

1933—“The Great Black Blizzard,” the first of the great dust storms, hits the Great Plains.

1919—In Centralia, Wash., a mob of American Legionaires attacking an I.W.W. union hall discover the Wobblies are armed. After four Legionaires die, the survivors kidnap, torture, and kill Wobblie and fellow WW I vet Wesley Everest.

1918—The War to End Wars ends, too late for 2,738 who die this day.

1887—Albert Parsons, George Engel, Adolph Fischer, and August Spies, none of them accused of the act itself, are hanged in Chicago for the Haymarket bombing.

1861—Confederate Gen. & ex-Bishop Leonidas Polk is wounded and denuded when “Lady Polk,” a cannon named after his wife, explodes.

1778—Brits and Iroquois massacre dozens of American settlers and soldiers at Cherry Valley, N.Y.

1769—Thirteen days after the death of her first husband, Frances Atkinson marries her first cousin John Wentworth, Governor of New Hampshire.

1620—Influential Pilgrims draft the Mayflower Compact to assure adequate control over unruly colonists.

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