Tues, Nov 24

2006—“The only way we can win [in Iraq],” says George W.[MD] Bush, “is to leave before the job is done.”

1979—The U.S. admits troops in ’Nam were hit by Agent Orange.

1976—Steven B. Williams rams a White House gate with his pickup truck at 25 mph. It doesn’t budge.

1971—Toting $200,000 in ransom cash, “D.B. Cooper” parachutes from a hijacked 727 over Washington State, into oblivion and America’s heart.

1965—The New York Times runs a full-page ad signed by 500 WW II and Korean War vets protesting escalation of the Vietnam War.

1963—Strip joint proprietor Jack Ruby, to spare Jackie Kennedy’s feelings, shoots Lee Harvey Oswald under the watchful eye of the Dallas Police Department and the TV cameras.

1961—An overheated electric motor in Colorado cuts off all communications between SAC and NORAD.

1953—Sen. Joe McCarthy (R-Wisc.) claims the Truman administration is “crawling with Communists.”

1947—All but 17 Congressmen vote to cite the Hollywood Ten for contempt after they take the 5th.

1922—Erskine Childers, a Brit supporter of Irish independence charged with carrying a pistol, is executed while his case is on appeal. He says to his firing squad, “Take a step forward, lads. It will be easier that way.”

1759—Tobias Smollett is guilty of libeling an admiral, gets three months.

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