Rebuild Our Democracy Through Community Rights

To the Editor:

Oh man, what a mess our democracy is in! It was a mess before Trump and the pandemic but it’s a bigger mess now—we can all agree on that right?

What we need now, and what we’ve needed for decades, is to rebuild our democracy through the community rights movement. This is also called “community organizing” and the objective is to build citizen action groups in every town and community that informs and empowers We the People to take control of our ecosystems and government.

“We have the best politicians that money can buy,” said Will Rogers 100 years ago, and it’s much worse now! Community rights organizing will help voters to make our elected officials accountable so they have to work for us instead of rich special interests. For assistance contact the New Hampshire Community Rights Network (

Joe Hill said “don’t mourn, organize!” Now is the time for all of us to become active citizens and work together to clean up this mess! Don’t just sit by and let the ruling elite control our destiny; if the people lead, the leaders have to follow! Be a good example for our children and their future!

Peter White, NHCRN Board Member

Nottingham, N.H.


Any friend of Joe Hill is a friend of ours.

The Editor

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