The Other Phone Call

To the Editor:

Call it treason; call it Sedition; call it illegal (a breaking of laws); call it an Impeachable Offense…but don’t call it “just Trump being Trump”!

The widely-publicized extortion call President Trump made to Georgia’s Secretary of State and other Georgia election officials (his 19th attempt to reach and threaten them to “find 11,780 votes” to overturn the election) was/is a clear abuse of Presidential authority and power; end of story!

If you do believe it is a case of “Just T being T,” then you must not believe any of President Trump’s efforts, behaviors, or actions are to subvert and undermine our democracy and to sow damage and distrust in our democratic institutions, the core of which make America truly unique in the world. It is tragic that it has come to this!

What continuing threats does Trump pose for us in the remaining days of his administration? The President could switch focus of his licentious gaze from domestic acts of subversion to international criminal acts, such as bombing Iran.

Wake up, 47 percent of Americans! German and Italian citizens woke up much too late in the 1930’s and 40’s to save their own democracies. They were saved only through Allied and American efforts, blood, and treasure! Wake up!

Herb Moyer

Exeter, N.H.


We presume your 47 percent refers to Americans still supporting Trump. A fair percentage of Americans seem to have been stirred from their slumbers by the events of January 6th. We understand he’s down to about 33 percent now—those are the ones we worry about.

The Editor

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