Fri, Jan 29

2002—Qassem Suleimani, Commander of the Quds Force—who had been considering a rapprochement between Iran and the U.S.—goes ballistic after George W.[MD] Bush’s “Axis of Evil” speech. Also: Bush asks Senate Majority Leader Daschle to limit investigations into 9/11.

1991—“Our forces in the Gulf will not stay there one day longer than is necessary,” says George Herbert [Hoover] Walker Bush.

1979—“I don’t like Mondays,” replies Brenda Spencer, 16, when asked why she shot eleven people, killing two, at a San Diego elementary school.

1975—The House, under Speaker Carl Albert [D–Okla.], votes to cover up the Pike Committee’s report on the crimes of U.S. intelligence agencies.

1925—The sub S-48, enroute to the Shipyard, grounds itself off Jaffrey’s Point, then again in Little Harbor. 

1912—Anna LoPizzo, 34, is killed by a shot through the heart during the Bread & Roses strike in Lawrence, Mass. A cop probably did it, but anarchists are blamed.

1889—John M. Clayton [R-Ark.], a Congressional candidate in an election featuring armed white men stealing ballot boxes, is shot through his boarding house window. He’s declared the winner; the seat left vacant.

1863—U.S. Army troops and Shoshone Indians clash at the Bear River in Utah. After the Shoshone run out of ammo, rapes and a massacre begin.

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