Tues, Feb 2

2015—A week after a two-foot snowstorm, Po’Town gets 18 inches more.

2004—George W.[MD] Bush reluctantly OK’s an investigation of intelligence failures.

1991—Before Desert Storm ground combat begins, the Pentagon bans the press from the Dover morgue.

1972—In Dublin, Irish Catholics, irate over “Bloody Sunday,” burn the British Embassy.

1970—Capt. Gary Faust bails out after his F-106 goes into a spin over Montana. The pilotless plane lands in a cornfield and is returned to service.

1966—Australians burn their conscription papers in Sydney.

1965—Protesting a protest against the jailing of MLK, Daniel P. Skelley pours water from a can labeled “gas” all over his American Nazi uniform. Cops take him away after a TV cameraman offers him a match.

1952—Winnie Ruth Judd, the “trunk murderess,” makes her fifth escape from Arizona State Insane Hospital.

1915—German national Werner Horn bombs the railroad bridge connecting Vanceboro, Maine with St. Croix, Canada. There is little damage.

1912—Steeplejack Frederick R. Law succesfully parachutes from the Statue of Liberty’s torch.

1848—The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo legalizes America’s seizure of half of Mexico.

1819—Dartmouth v. Woodward gives super powers to corporate charters.

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