Sun, Feb 14

2016—A cargo jet linked to the CIA lands in Harare, Zimbabwe carrying 67 tons of South African currency and the decomposing body of a Black man.

2016—With wind blowing 20 m.p.h., and the thermometer at -13°, the wind chill in Portsmouth falls to -38°.

2015—Another 18 inches of snow fall on Portsmouth, making nearly eight feet in under three weeks.

2004—The White House releases some of George W.[MD] Bush’s military records, but they fail to prove he was present for duty.

1973—The first American POWs released from North Vietnam arrive at Travis AFB, Calif. [See tomorrow.]

1971—Nixon’s secret taping system is installed in the White House.

1950—A U.S. bomber crew jettisons a Mark IV nuke off British Columbia before bailing out of their burning B-36. A non-nuclear explosion ensues.

1945—Forty U.S. B-17s intending to firebomb Dresden miss by 90 miles and hit Prague instead. Death toll: 701. Bomb weight per death: 433 lbs.

1929—On St. Valentine’s Day in Chicago, a cop asks Frank “Tight Lips” Gusenberg who shot him. “Nobody,” he says, then dies.

1884—Typhoid fever kills Teddy Roosevelt’s mother. Hours later his wife dies, two days after giving birth.

1873—Erie Co. Sheriff and future President Grover Cleveland personally hangs Jack Gaffney in Buffalo, N.Y., thus retaining his deputy’s $10 fee.

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