Wed, Feb 17

2017—President Trump declares the press to be the enemy of the people.

2015—A study finds that previous tallies of lynchings in the U.S. had under-counted by at least 800.

2009—Donald Trump files his fourth petition for bankruptcy.

2006—Six days after Dick “Dick” Cheney shot him in the face, Harry Whittington apologizes to the Veep for “all that he had to deal with.”

2003—Covert CIA agents grab Abu Omar in Milan, ruining an Italian surveillance program and leaving evidence that gets 23 agents convicted of kidnapping.

2000—“I hate the g__ks,” Sen. John McCain tells reporters. “I will hate them as long as I live.”

1985—General William Westmoreland drops his libel suit against CBS. Apparently the network was right: he had covered up VC troop strength.

1979—China invades Vietnam—again. Some countries never learn.

1974—Army PFC Robert Preston steals a Huey from Fort Meade for a pre-dawn tour of D.C. He lands in a hail of bullets on the White House’s South Lawn; superficially wounded, he’s taken to Walter Reed smiling and laughing.

1971—The U.S. Army’s top enlisted man is indicted for conspiracy to defraud enlisted men’s clubs.

1864—The U.S.S. Housatonic becomes the first ship to be sunk by a submarine, the Confederate H.L. Hunley, which also sinks.

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