Wed, March 10

2020—“Just stay calm,” says Dolt #45. “It will go away.”

2004—Pres. George W.[MD] Bush is surprised to learn his Terrorist Surveillance Program expires that day, his lawyers won’t renew it, and his A.G., who will, has been in the ICU for a week. In a bedside standoff, Bush’s team loses.

1993—Showing his respect for the sanctity of life, a Floridian puts three slugs in Dr. David Gunn’s back.

1992—Injected with poison by Okla. state workers, Robyn Lee Parks gasps & gags for eleven minutes before dying.

1974—With police corruption “systematic at all levels,” Philly Mayor Rizzo tries to block an investigation.

1968—At remote Lima Site 85 in Laos, 13 radarmen die; the greatest single U.S.A.F. combat loss of the war.

1966—U.S.A.F. Maj. Bernard Fisher sees a fellow A-1 pilot crash land at A Shau. With two NVA battalions overrunning the A-team camp, Fisher lands, picks up the pilot, and flies out.

1951—Genial old Ike says America might try a first-strike nuclear attack.

1950—Turned down once,Gen. Douglas again requests permission to nuke Korea. Bomb parts are gathered.

1945—Curtis LeMay’s napalm-laden B-29s visit the deadliest six hours in history on Tokyo, Japan.

1945—Japan shuts down plutonium production for the Nagasaki bomb when its balloon-firebombs down electric wires in Hanford, Wash.

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