Who Rules?

To the Editor:

Who holds the reins of government? Are We the People well read, self-determining, and able to understand what our elected representatives of this democratic republic are doing? No, most people do not even know the names of their “representatives,” nor do they know what’s really going on, and that’s the biggest problem we have!

Our Representatives should look for our ideas and input to address the discussions between all parties and represent us. Instead they listen to lobbyists and rich special interests whose greed is destroying our Nation and planet.

We the People must be actively involved in order for our representative government to work for us. Only then can we thank ourselves and our representatives for our republican form of government. A house divided against itself will fall and We the People are ultimately most impacted by what happens.

The Pledge of Allegiance is a prayer that concludes with “liberty and justice for all,” and that has to start in every town. The Barnstead Declaration asserts the Right to Local Self-Government and recognizes the Rights of Nature, protecting our health, safety and welfare. Information can be found on the website for the New Hampshire Community Rights Network, a non-profit group of volunteers who promote the fundamentals of community rights.

Douglas Darrell,

NHCRN Board Member

Ctr. Barnstead, N.H.


With the profit motive apparently driving an infinite number of entities bent on squeezing a dollar out of every conceivable component of creation, we mere mortals, and the natural world on which we depend, need all the defenders we can get. Keep fighting the good fight.

The Editor

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