How Trump Saved Us From Covid

To the Editor:

One major media expert after another ridiculed the idea and said it would take a miracle for President Trump to produce Covid-19 vaccines and begin protecting people in 2020. Trump worked that miracle and now almost one-third of the American people are fully vaccinated.

Getting the vaccine produced and into peoples’ arms was a Herculean effort that had to overcome many technical, business, bureaucratic, and political obstacles. It required not just creating and beginning to produce nearly a billion vaccine doses but producing a billion vials, syringes, swabs, and other equipment, plus arrangements for refrigeration, transportation, tracking systems, distribution centers, and about 70,000 sites for administering the vaccine.

Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed,” also ridiculed by Trump’s political opponents, accomplished this miracle. NIH Director Francis Collins (Dr. Fauci’s superior) credited Operation Warp Speed with cutting development and delivery of the vaccine by at least five years.

After months of spewing distrust of Trump’s vaccines, many of Trump’s political opponents lined up to be vaccinated first. Even young, energetic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was vaccinated, taking doses away from a high risk patient.

The politicization by his political opponents of Trump’s actions to save lives probably increased Covid-19 deaths by hundreds of thousands…

Don Ewing

Meredith, N.H.


Your parody was doing so well—it was a parody, right? That last bit, though—that’s not funny. Trump killed those people, not his opponents.

The Editor

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