Tues, July 27

2008—Shotgunning in a Knoxville church, Jim David Adkisson kills two and wounds seven. He cites Fox News’ Bernard Goldberg as one inspiration.

1996—Pro-life Eric Robert Rudolph bombs the Atlanta Olympics.

1974—Eleven Republicans out of 17 on the Judiciary Committee vote not to impeach Nixon for obstruction.

1957—Jimmy Wilson, who’s Black, is sentenced to death in Alabama for stealing $1.95 from a white woman.

1954—Mercenaries overthrow the government of Guatemala at the behest of the CIA. Genocide follows.

1946—Hollywood Reporter owner Billy Wilkerson, uncertain whether to name ten suspected Communists, consults Father Cornelius J. McCoy. He replies, “Get those bastards, Billy.”

1919—After a Black man is killed at a segregated Chicago beach, a white cop arrests a Black man. Nearby Blacks who object are attacked by whites.

1893—William Taylor survives a jolt in New York’s electric chair, but its dynamo doesn’t. Morphine and ether keep him under until a jury-rigged cable can tap the power to kill him.

1877—In East St. Louis, 8,000 Federal troops, militia, and railroad hirelings start a two-day battle to crush the Commune and end the Strike.

1816—Andy Jackson orders that the powder magazine of an old fort on the Appalachicola be blown up. The blast kills hundreds of Blacks and Choctaws: both sexes, all ages, free and not.

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