Fri, Aug 20, 2021

2018—Greta Thunberg strikes, demanding action on the climate crisis.

1998—Days after admitting he’d lied about sex with an intern, Bill Clinton throws 13 Tomahawk missiles at Sudan’s only pharmaceutical factory.

1965—Keene, N.H. seminary student & civil rights worker Jonathan Daniels is murdered in Nayneville, Ala. White jurors acquit his killer.

1945—Charles de Gaulle is warned by his ex-puppet Emperor Bao Dai that if France tries to rule Vietnam, “it will no longer be obeyed; each village will be a nest of resistance, each former collaborator an enemy, and your officials and colonists will themselves ask to leave this atmosphere which they will be unable to breathe.” Does de Gaulle listen? What a silly question.

1907—While laying the cornerstone of the Pilgrim Memorial in Provincetown, President Theodore Roosevelt accuses “malefactors of great wealth” of causing “as much financial stress as possible” in order to discredit the government trying to rein them in.

1794—“Mad Anthony” Wayne’s victory at Fallen Timbers sets off one of history’s greatest land grabs.

1672—Dutch peasants rip out the hearts of head of state Johan de Witt and his brother Cornelis.

1619—The first 20 enslaved Africans in North America land in Jamestown.

1191—In Jesus’ name, Richard the Lion Hearted’s troops bravely slaughter 3,000 Arabs in the Holy Land.

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