Tues, Sept 14

2019—Thieves steal a solid gold toilet from Winston Churchill’s birthplace.

2008—At his gym, Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld gets punched in the face by a complete stranger.

2005—At the UN, during the World Summit, the Leader of the Free World passes a note to his Secretary of State saying, “I think I may need a bathroom break. Is that possible?”

2001—In Manhattan, standing in rubble his failure helped to create, George W.[MD] Bush fatuously declares that America’s “responsibility to history” is to “rid the world of evil.”

2001—Barbara Lee [D-Calif.] casts the lone vote against letting George W.[MD] Bush do whatever he wants.

1964—LBJ pins the Medal of Freedom on notorious crypto-fascist and arch-propagandist Walt Disney.

1959—Ike signs the Landrum-Griffin Act. An “anti-union corruption” measure, it’s really just anti-union.

1938—The 803-foot Graf Zeppelin II—world’s largest airship—first flies.

1899—New Yorker Henry Bliss becomes the first person in the U.S. to be killed by an automobile (an electric).

1874—New Orleans’ Crescent City White League takes over Louisiana for three days in a bloody coup d’etat.

1867—Das Kapital is published.

1836—Eliza Jumel’s ex-husband dies the day their divorce becomes final. He was Aaron Burr—the first Vice President to shoot a man. Her lawyer was Alexander Hamilton’s son.

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