Tues, Oct 12

1984—Tory complacency ends in re repression in Northern Ireland; Provos bomb Maggie Thatcher’s hotel.

1972—A race riot aboard the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk injures 47.

1970—Lieut. William Calley is court-martialled for 102 murders.

1968—Navy nurse Susan Schnall drops anti-war leaflets from a plane onto five Bay-area military bases.

1964—JFK’s intimate friend Mary Pinchot Meyer is murdered under the murkiest of circumstances.

1964—Canadian John Watkins, suspected of spying by CIA man James Jesus Angleton, is interrogated to death in a Montreal hotel.

1961—The FBI launches a “Socialist Worker Disruption Program.”

1960—Otoya Yamaguchi, 17, a right-winger, runs a sword through Inejiro Asanuma, leader of the Socialists, during a televised debate.

1923—Thousands of Ku Klux Klansmen hold a rally in Portland, Maine.

1920—Rev. J. Holmes is arrested in Mt. Vernon, N.Y, for publicly reading the Constitution without a permit.

1917—Passchendaele begins: 13,000 Allied casualties, no advance.

1853—The GOP is founded in Exeter, N.H.—or so say N.H. Republicans. However, they have no proof.

1492—A lost European begins oppressing native Americans.

1131—A black pig darts from a Paris dung heap and trips a horse, killing the rider: King Philip of France, 15.

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