Sun, Oct 17

2004—In game four of the ALCS, 9th inning, Dave Roberts steals 2nd, then scores on Bill Mueller’s single.

1999—Lissa Roche commits suicide after confessing she had a 19-year affair with her father-in-law, George Roche III, the president of Hillsdale College, “the most conservative college in America.”

1973—OPEC turns off the oil tap.

1967—Lt. Col. Terry Allen Jr. leads two companies of the 28th Infantry, outnumbered 10 to 1, into a VC ambush at Ong Thanh. Casualties exceed 92 percent, 64 are KIA. The U.S. Army calls the catastrophe a victory.

1960—The sit-in movement pays off big: several chain stores with locations in 10 southern states desegregate 150 lunch counters in 112 cities.

1956—“The only way to win the next World War,” says Ike, “is to prevent it.”

1927—Oil mogul Harry F. Sinclair goes on trial over Teapot Dome. Two weeks later it’s revealed he’s hired detectives to shadow each juror.

1894—On orders from Ohio National Guard Col. Alonzo B. Coit, Guardsmen fire out, through the closed doors of the Fayette County Court House, at a mob intent on lynching a Black man accused of rape. Five die, 20 are wounded; the bullet-riddled doors remain in place.

1777—Burgoyne, undone by Benedict Arnold at Bemis Heights, surrenders at Saratoga; the victory inspires the French to back the Americans.

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