Wed, Dec 1

2017—One-time Trump National Security Advisor and ex-general Michael Flynn does the perp walk.

2007—Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, at Federal Cigar in Portsmouth, refuses to autograph a New Hampshire Gazette for counterman Dave McNicholas, but agrees to sign a photo of himself—which he takes with him when he leaves.

2003—Howard Dean, leading the pack in polling, tells Chris Matthews he’ll “break up the giant media enterprises;” giant media enterprises soon label Dean “unelectable.”

1969—The U.S. Selective Service guts the anti-war movement by holding a draft lottery.

1968—The Walker Commission reports that the Chicago PD rioted during the Democratic Convention.

1964—In J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI office, purportedly for a reconciliation, the Director reveals information to Martin Luther King, Jr., demonstrating that he’s under illegal surveillance.

1955—On a bus in Montgomery, Ala., Rosa Parks changes the world.

1842—Secretary of War John C. Spencer’s son Philip, 19, a midshipman aboard the U.S.S. Somers, along with two sailors, and without benefit of court martial, is hanged for mutiny.

1777—Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben lands in Portsmouth, N.H. from France, en route to Valley Forge, where he will turn Washington’s rabble into a trained army.

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