Fri, Dec 3

2013—In Londonderry, N.H., failed Senate nominee Scott Brown says “I don’t think I ever said I was thinking about running for president,” 16 weeks after telling the Boston Herald he was thinking about running for president.

2004—George W.[MD] Bush nominates Bernard Kerik (later to be known as Federal Inmate 84888-054) to be Secretary of Homeland Security.

1996—A New York company making Medals of Honor is fined $80,000 for selling 300 bootleg copies.

1983—U.S. Information Agency head Charles Z. Wick says Margaret Thatcher opposed the invasion of Grenada because she’s a woman.

1980—Secretary of State Al Haig says four Maryknoll nuns recently murdered by Salvadoran death squads may have been gun-runners.

1979—Fans stampede at a Who concert in Cincinnati, 11 die.

1969—Protesters destroy files at eight N.Y. draft boards.

1966—The AEC explodes a .38 kiloton A-bomb 10 miles west of Purvis, Miss., inside an underground cavity created by a 5 kiloton A-bomb blast conducted two years earlier.

1964—In Berkeley, 600 police arrest 800 protesters; 900 faculty members call for amnesty.

1944—In Athens, Greece, 200,000 demonstrate against Churchill’s policy of disarming anti-fascist guerillas, whom he calls “miserable banditti.” British troops open fire, killing 28.

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