Fri, Jan 7

2015—Two brothers, Wahhabi extremists, kill 12 and wound 11 at Charlie Hebdo’s offices in Paris.

1999—The Senate tries Bill Clinton for lying about canoodling with a young intern. His prosecutor: Rep. (and adulterer) Henry Hyde [R-Ill].

1998—The Washington Post reports that George Herbert [Hoover] Walker Bush lied: he did attend meetings about arms sales to Iran.

1980—San Franciscans hold a grand bash to honor Emperor Norton I on the 100th anniversary of his demise.

1948—Captain Thomas F. Mantell, a Kentucky Air Guard ace, takes his F-51 too high pursuing a UFO; hypoxic and unconscious, he crashes.

1945—U.S.S. Hovey, named for Portsmouth-born Ensign Charles Emerson Hovey, is sunk by kamikazi and torpedo attack off Luzon.

1931—Inspired by the Jan. 3rd “food riot” in England, Ark., Will Rogers begins a campaign for federal assistance—helping to topple Hoover.

1861—Mayor Fernando Wood, a Democrat, proposes that New York City secede from the Union.

1851—“That a war of extermination will continue to be waged…until the Indian race becomes extinct,” Gov. Peter H. Burnett informs the California legislature, “must be expected.”

1806—Cherokees in Tennessee and Alabama cede 7,000 square miles of land to whites, in return for which gesture they are not killed.

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