Wed, March 2

2016—Dolt #45 asserts on live TV that his genitalia are adequate.

1991—LAPD cops savagely beat Rodney King—on tape, it turns out.

1981—Burlington, Vt. elects a new mayor: Socialist Bernie Sanders.

1969—An under-manned company of the 4th Division is sent after a crack NVA battalion west of Kontum; result: 47 percent end up KIA or MIA.

1934—John Dillinger busts out of the Crown Point, Ind. jail with a hand-carved wooden pistol and drives off in the sheriff’s new V-8 Ford.

1931—In Laredo, Texas, 17-year old Harlon Carter murders Ramón Casiano, 15, with a shotgun. Sentenced to three years, Carter does two; 46 years later he takes over the NRA.

1903—Congress bars entry to whoremongers, epileptics, and anarchists; its own members are not sanctioned.

1873—Congress passes the Comstock Act, banning obscenity, contraceptives, abortifacients, and sex toys from the U.S. Mail, and the “Salary Grab Act,” giving itself a 50 percent raise, retroactive for two years.

1871—Congress passes an act effectively denying that Indian tribes exist: they’re all individuals from now on.

1863—Congress passes the first U.S. draft law, exempting men who can pay the government a $300 bribe.

1791—Congress passes Hamilton’s whiskey tax. It pays tax-free interest to rich bond holders and puts small distillers out of business.

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