Wed, March 9

2007—Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich admits he committed adultery while impeaching Bill Clinton.

1992—Donald Trump files his second bankruptcy in eight months.

1986—Divers locate the crew compartment of the Shuttle Challenger.

1982—It’s revealed that the Contras have gotten $19 million in covert aid.

1969—Terrified CBS execs nix the Vietnam drama “Sticks and Bones.”

1969—Terrified CBS execs cancel “The Smothers Brothers.”

1965—Activists march again in Alabama; racist goons severely beat Boston minister James Reeb.

1954—WMUR-TV does it live.

1954—Ed Murrow dismantles Joe McCarthy on CBS. The network assures nothing like it happens again.

1941—Writer Sherwood Anderson dies of peritonitis after swallowing a toothpick at a party in Panama.

1920—Favorite Son and war hero Gen. Leonard Wood [See 3/8/1906.] wins the N.H. Presidential Primary.

1916—Pancho Villa leads nearly 500 guerrillas in a raid on Columbus, N.M. It does not go well: 190 are killed, wounded, or captured; but, a  six-month “Punitive Expedition” fails to capture El Centauro del Norte.

1841—Black mutineers who took the Amistad from enslavers are declared free men by the U.S. Supreme Court.

1776—Adam Smith publishes The Wealth of Nations, once a treatise on economics, now a license to steal.

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