Sun, April 17

2013—A fertilizer plant located next to a middle school in West, Texas, uninspected since 1985, explodes. Fifteen are killed, mostly volunteer firemen, 250 others are injured.

2002—G.W.[MD] Bush flip-flops again, vowing to rebuild Afghanistan.

1986—Peace is declared between the Netherlands and the Isles of Scilly, ending a bloodless 335-year war.

1981—The Supreme Court rules a law banning religious use of peyote is just fine. What First Amendment?

1970—Apollo 13 makes it home.

1967—“[T]he defeat of the Communists forces in South Vietnam is inevitable,” says ex-Veep Richard Nixon. “The only question is, how soon?”

1966—Timothy Leary is busted for pot possession by G. Gordon Liddy.

1965—In New York City, 25,000 march against the Vietnam War.

1961—The CIA escorts 1,511 Cuban exiles to the Bay of Pigs for slaughter.

1959—In Times Square, 22 weirdos are arrested for declining to participate in an air-raid drill.

1954—Affable old Ike threatens to nuke Red China.

1935—Sun Myung Moon has a revelation: Jesus Christ asks him to complete His mission.

1905—The Supreme Court says New York has no right to limit how many hours bakers must work in a week.

1850—In the U.S. Senate, Henry S. Foote (D-Miss.) pulls a pistol on Thomas Hart Benton (D-Mo.).

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