Tues, May 17

2017—Learning his election will be investigated for Russian involvement, President Trump says, “Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my Presidency. I’m [bleeped].” Sadly, no.

1987—Its weapons officer away from his duty station, its Phalanx gun operator absent “on personal business,” and its radar countermeasure system unarmed, the frigate U.S.S. Stark is hit by two Exocets from an Iraqi plane; 37 sailors die on the Gipper’s watch.

1976—R. Reagan, in Time: “Fascism was really the basis of the New Deal.”

1974—Six members of the Symbionese Liberation Army hole-up in a small house in L.A. surrounded by 400 cops. Armed with full-auto M-1 carbines, they fire 4,000 rounds but hit no one. Shot or burned, they all die.

1973—To help Continental Oil develop new drilling techniques, the AEC explodes three nukes underground in Colorado.

1968—Nine people break into Catonsville, Md.’s draft board and burn 600 files with homemade napalm.

1954—Border Patrol agents begin deporting a million people from five states in “Operation Wetback.”

1954—President Eisenhower creates the notion of “Executive Privilege.”

1954—The Supreme Court throws out “separate but equal” education.

1934—At Madison Square Garden, tens of thousands of Friends of the New Germany rally under a swastika in support of Adolf Hitler.

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