Sun, June 26

2015—The Supreme Court puts an end to marriage discrimination.

2013—Byron Low Tax Looper [his legal name], imprisoned for murdering his political opponent, dies at 48 of a heart attack, hours after assaulting a pregnant prison guard.

2006—As Rush Limbaugh returns from the Dominican Republic—a tourist sex-mecca—customs officers confiscate his illicit stash of Viagra.

2002—A Federal court edits “under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance.

1995—EPA workers dismantle David Hahn’s homemade backyard nuclear reactor. The Michigander is 17.

1976—Gov. Kit Bond rescinds a predecessor’s “Extermination Order” banning Mormons from Missouri.

1954—Bao Dai, the feckless puppet Emperor of South Vietnam, appoints Ngo Dinh Diem as premier.

1947—Boston Mayor James Curley goes to federal prison for five months.

1943—While loading rocks onto a horse-drawn wagon in Caribou, Maine, four adults and a boy are killed by a crashing B-26 “Widowmaker.”

1940—At the Waldorf in NYC, Gerhard Westrick hosts a gala celebration of the Fall of France to Nazi Germany. His former law partner, future Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, defends Westrick from critics.

1919—Dist. Atty. and future Congressman T. Webber Wilson cheers on a crowd of 10,000 at the lynching of John Hartfield in Ellisville, Miss.

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