Sat, June 25

2013—The Supreme Court rips the guts out of the Voting Rights Act.

2005—“I could kill someone with this,” says Vladimir Putin putting Bob Kraft’s Super Bowl ring in his pocket.

1998—The Fed OKs the Travelers/Citicorp merger: the fuse is lit.

1996—Al-Qaeda kills19 U.S. servicemen in Saudi Arabia and wounds 372. Saudis and the CIA blame Iran.

1973—Ex-White House Counsel John Dean, on live TV, blows the big whistle on his crooked former boss.

1971—ITT lobbyist Dita M. Beard writes a memo noting that Pres. Richard “Dick” Nixon knew ITT was giving the Republican National Committee a $400,000 bribe to get a favorable Justice Dept. decision.

1969—Defense Secretary Mel Laird gives National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger a menu of options Richard Nixon might use in dealing with North Korea; included: 47 nukes.

1962—God is expelled from U.S. schools by the Supreme Court.

1938—FDR signs a minimum wage and a 44-hour week into law, and puts an end to child labor.

1914—A factory full of volatile chemicals explodes in Salem, Mass. The ensuing fire burns 1,376 buildings and leaves 18,000 homeless or jobless.

1876—Five companies of the 7th Cavalry, including Gen. Custer and two of his brothers, and an AP reporter, are killed by Native Americans near the Little Big Horn River.

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