Fri, July 15

1995—A derecho sends hurricane force winds through New York and New England, toppling thousands of trees and killing three people.

1979—President Carter delivers his infamous “malaise” speech, which does not include the word “malaise.”

1974—In Florida, on live TV, newsreader Christine Chubbuck pulls a loaded pistol from a shopping bag and shoots herself dead.

1971—Nixon says he’ll go to China.

1964—The Republican Party saddles itself with candidate Barry Goldwater.

1919—The War Department—accurately named, at least—says 337,000 Americans dodged the recent draft.

1877—John W. Garrett, President of the B & O Railroad, gives his shareholders a 10% dividend and his workers a 10% pay cut.

1835—The Toledo War comes to its bloody climax: using a penknife, Ohioan Two Stickney slightly injures Michigander Joseph Wood.

1779—General “Mad Anthony” Wayne’s troops take 700 prisoners with a bayonet charge at Stony Point.

1685—Executioner Jack Ketch eventually beheads the Duke of Monmouth, after eight ax blows.

1381—Lollard preacher John Ball, for inspiring the Peasants’ Revolt, is hanged, drawn, and quartered as Richard II looks on with approval.

1099—Christian Crusaders carry out God’s will by slaughtering nearly every inhabitant of Jerusalem.

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