Mon, Aug 1

2007—An interstate highway bridge in Minneapolis collapses, killing 13.

2002—The George W.[MD] Bush administration adopts a new policy: torture is now the American Way.

1974—Vice President Ford meets with Al Haig for 50 minutes; they talk about Nixon perhaps resigning, and a possible pardon from Ford. It’s all quite kosher, though Haig did sign the official log under an assumed name.

1972—The Washington Post reports on a “two-bit burglary” at DNC HQ.

1972—First Lt. G.W.[MD] Bush loses his Air National Guard flying status; he skipped a required physical exam that included a drug test.

1969—Herb Kalmbach accepts a $100,000 bribe from milk producers on behalf of Richard Nixon.

1969—A Mass. Superior Court judge denies a DA’s request for an inquest into Mary Jo Kopechne’s death.

1966—Ex-Eagle Scout, honor student, and former Marine Charles Whitman shoots 45 (killing 12) from a tower at the University of Texas.

1946—Corrupt Democrats in Athens, Tennessee, hole up in a jailhouse with ballot boxes. Disgruntled vets armed with Thompson guns stolen from the local Guard armory lay seige.

1921—Baldwin-Feltes goons hired by coal barons shoot Police Chief Sid Hatfield and Deputy Ed Chambers dead on the courthouse steps in Matewan, W.Va. The dead were unarmed, but self-defense pleas free the killers.

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